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Our history

Allexton Day Nursery Ltd was established by Katie Lynch and Sam Wilkins 2001. It was developed through the success of Allexton Preschool, which expanded its service to provide full day care and then became local authority registered in the provision of early education sessions for 3 and 4 year olds.


The nursery moved to its current location (the West End Children's Centre on Catesby Street in Leicester) in 2006. This allowed for a close working relationship with the SureStart Children's Centre and access to child care professionals across a number of different agencies.


We are currently registered with Ofsted for 30 places. Our nursery is designed with children in mind, and includes a spacious and fully enclosed garden area.

Our ethos

Equal opportunities

 •  To provide high quality childcare and education

 •  To create an environment that is secure, safe and homely

 •  To work in partnership with you in your child's development.

 •  To promote progress through positive praise and encouragement

 •  To offer a service that promotes equality and diversity

Our nursery operates in accordance with all legislation under:

  • Disability Discrimination Act 2010

  • Race Relations Act 1976

  • Sex Discrimination Act 1986

  • Children Act 1989

For more information call

0116 225 2230

Inclusion and child protection

We are committed to ensuring that our service meets the needs of every child. We work within the requirements of the LEA’s policy on inclusion for children with special needs.


A number of other services work with the nursery to help with inclusivity. These include speech therapists, health visitors, behavioural specialists, a special needs teaching service, and a dedicated special educational needs co-ordinator.


Under the Children’s Act 1989, we have a duty to raise any concerns with regards to the wellbeing of all children in our care. We will always discuss concerns with parents first, unless we feel there is an immediate risk to the child, where we would have a duty to pass information on to a suitable agency.

Our history and ethos

Where we come from and what we aim for

"I can't find enough words of praise for the individual work carried out by their professional, caring and committed staff. I trust they will be able to offer this excellent service to our needy children for a long time to come."

- E. Booth, Social Worker Child Protection, Team 2

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