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Helping your child learn about  the world

To help children gain experience and knowledge of other environments, we plan trips outside the nursery. We go to museums, libraries, parks and local events such as the Leicester Riverside Festival.


We believe that these trips help our children learn how to interact with society, as well as expanding their interests and experiences.


We take safety very seriously when on these trips, which is why we always complete risk assessments and increase the staff ratio to one member of staff per three children when outside of the nursery.

The benefits:

•  Increased knowledge of society

•  Broadened horizons

•  Extra educational activities, like visits to museums and

   science centres

•  Connecting with the outdoors

•  Increased physical activity

Find out more about our activities by calling

0116 225 2230

Visits and Outings

Expanding your child's horizons

“As a family our experience of the Allexton Nursery has been a thoroughly positive one and I always knew my children were very happy and safe there.”

- Brandy, Mummy to Beau and Rose,

August 2012

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